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  • 时间:2021.12.20

    Aqua master has participated in the 21st China Koi Show

      The 21st China Koi Show has been held in Shunde, Foshan City, Guangdong Province from 17th Dec. to 29th Dec. 2021

      Aqua master as one of the koi food leading brand has participated in this koi show and to promote the new koi food product-Jumbo. 

      Jumbo is an optimize formula of strengthening koi body , raising the absorption rate of calcium and phosphorus and building strong bones.

      There are lots of customers interested in Aqua master products and come to consult more details:

      After years of continuous development, the quality of Chinese Koi has been increased rapidly. 

      The championship winner of this koi show has been first time winned by a native Kohaku whose length is 1.03m:


      Third place


        Please get in touch with us for more details:

        Whatsapp: +86-158-9987-7462   Lane


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