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  • 时间:2021.10.20

    Aqua master has sponsored the 1st Jinan Koi Show

      Aqua master-sponsored the 1st Koi Show being hold from 16th - 17th Oct. 

      in one of Chinese Famous Historical and Cultural cities - Jinan.

      There are thansands of koi fish and many koi associations from 

      different places have participated in this distinguished gathering. 

      Aqua master has set up booth in this event so to show more information to the participants.

      Professional judges were marking seriously in the warm and sunny day in late autumn.

      The championship winner is a Tajsho-Sanke as following:

      Aqua master has shown the new product: Jumbo on the booth to attendees, 

      many koi farms have used this new product to feed the koi.

      Compare with Hi-Growth, the koi being fed by Jumbo grows faster, 

      achieve jumbo shape quicker and gain more beautiful red color.

      Please get in touch with us for more details:

      Whatsapp: +86-158-9987-7462   Lane


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