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    Aqua master helps you to raise a good Kohaku koi fish

      Kohaku, specifically, were one of the first consistently bred koi varieties, achieving great popularity as early as the 1890’s, 

      and often form the base of breeding for countless other varieties due to their simple, yet undeniable beauty. 

      Also known as white-red koi, Kohaku remain one of the most highly sought after color types of koi today.

      What makes a perfect Kohaku koi? Lets talk about the most notable characteristics of the Kohaku koi:

      Kohaku Color 

      The perfect Kohaku koi has a solid white body with red markings which 

      could either be red with purple tint or orange-red in color.

      Orange-red markings have crisp outlines, making Kohaku with these markings show quality.

      However, this color is harder to maintain as opposed to the other variant.

      Kohaku Markings

      Regardless of the color of the markings, more markings definitely make a Kohaku koi stand out more.

      Kohakus with lots of markings at the top of its body are usually preferred, 

      especially if the Kohakus are to be placed in a pond, since it’s the only visible part of the Kohakus when they’re underwater.

      Stray white scales in the middle of the red markings are considered faults in competitions, 

      but casual koi hobbyists may have less stringent standards.

      Kohaku Symmetry

      Because of the simplicity of the Kohaku koi, symmetry is easily appreciated on this breed.

      The markings on both sides of the Kohaku koi’s body need not be perfectly balanced, 

      but they must at least be symmetrical.

      This symmetry makes this breed look elegant and almost regal.

      To develop and maintain healthy coloration, Kohaku koi are often fed diets with color enhancers, 

      such as those containing spirulina or krill, as well as those with ample (>30%) protein to aid in proper growth.

      Aqua master Color Enhancer which contains spirulina and more than 40% Crude Protein will be your good choice to raise a perfect Kohaku Koi.

      Please get in touch with us for more details:

      Whatsapp: +86-158-9987-7462   Lane


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